About ATF

Alexandre Telfort Fils (ATF) is a young Haitian leader and social entrepreneur,
President of the political party AYITI2054.

Alexandre Telfort Fils

Born in Port-de-Paix in 1982, Alexandre Telfort Fils (ATF) is a young Haitian leader and social entrepreneur, President of the political party AYITI2054. A graduate of ISPOS in political and social sciences, he spent two years studying anthropo-sociology at the Faculty of Ethnology of the State University of Haiti. He also studied development evaluation at the National School of Administration of Quebec in the PIFED program. He is also an alumni of the Coady International Institute at Saint Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Canada. He did his master’s degree in political marketing in Rome, Italy. He is also a former adviser to Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles in 2016-17 and to the late President Jovenel Moise 2017-2021. Honored by the City of North Miami Beach (Florida, USA) which proclaims April 19 “Alexandre Telfort’s Day” for his accomplishments and service to the community.
Member of the former presidential commission (National Commission for Innovation and the Socio-professional Integration of Young People), ATF is recognized for its fights for the integration of young people. He made his debut in the fight against AIDS in the years 2003 and 2004 where he was involved as a community organizer and as “Focal Point” for Haiti in the “Right To Know” program of UNICEF.

In 2005, he founded the Association of Volunteers for Democracy (AVD) and initiated government and parliament simulation programs for the Youth of Haiti and the National Children’s Parliament. From 2005 to 2011, he was active in several actions related to parliamentary activities. He is the First President of the Youth Government of Haiti. He also distinguished himself in pleadings as an activist for economic, social and cultural rights until 2014. In 2011, he contributed to the ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by Parliament. In 2011, he presented a proposal to Parliament on the bill on the integration of young people. Finally, between 2014 and 2016, he was the first president of the Civil Society Platform on Climate Change, of which he is a founding member.

Honored as a young leader of Haiti -Alongside Serge Gilles (Political leader founder of the PANPRA party and Co-founder of: Fusion des Sociaux Démocrates, former candidate for the presidential election) by the IJC – Initiative Young Candidates- in December 2013, he joined the political party “Rally of Progressive National Democrats” (RDNP lead by Mirlande Manigat) at the beginning of the following year before founding the youth branch of the party and becoming its first president. He became one of the youngest Senate candidates for the Northwest Department in the 2015 elections.

His professional career has taken him into humanitarian work with the International Red Cross (ICRC) and into community development with the CLE Foundation as Program Development Coordinator and Associate Researcher for the University of Saint Francis Xavier. Former chief of staff of the Minister for the Status of Women and Women’s Rights, Marie Denise Claude, he also worked as a consultant to the Haitian Parliament for more than 4 years, in particular through support programs implemented by the ‘USAID. In 2017, he published his first ebook “Epistle to Posterity”.

He is the father of Haitian neoprogressivism and leader of the SHEXIT movement.

Important Events


ATF organizes its first town Hall meeting to present its “SHEXIT” project at the « Pain de vie Church »

ATF co-signs the January 1, 2023 statement proclaiming: “Principles and values to guide new leadership in securing the empire of freedom and justice in the land that saw us born” to mark the break with the obsolete political class.


ATF joins the campaign team of Marleine Bastien, candidate for the position of Dade County Commissioner. He played a major role in her victory.

ATF writes an open letter to the Haitian people and Haitian youth published in the press.

ATF is honored by the City of North Miami Beach and April 19 is proclaimed by the city as “Alexander Telfort’s Day”

ATF creates the podcast “NODWES KONEKTE” on the GUYWEWE RADIO A platform


ATF co-founded the Do better movement after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

ATF volunteers to help Haitian migrants on the Texas-Mexico border with its Do Better movement.


ATF immigrates with his family to the United States for security reasons


ATF alongside party co-founders publishes “The Neoprogressive Manifesto” on February 7, 2019.

ATF begins master’s studies in Political Marketing at Rome Business School in Italy.

ATF publishes the Address to the Grenadiers


ATF visits the 140 municipalities of the Republic and sets up CLJs in the 140 municipalities.

ATF resigns from the CNIISJ at the end of its mandate.

ATF co-founds the Ayiti2054 party following the events of July 2018.


ATF is appointed by presidential decree as a member of the 2017 Carnival committee.

ATF is appointed Advisor to the President of the Republic.

ATF is appointed by presidential decree Member of the National Commission for Innovation and the Socio-professional Integration of Young People.

ATF publishes its first ebook: Epistle to Posterity.


ATF is Director of the Cabinet of the Minister for the Status of Women Marie Denise Claude.

ATF is appointed Advisor to Prime Minister Enex Jean Charles.

ATF is dad for the 3rd time.


ATF is a candidate for the Senate for the North West Department.

ATF launches the National Youth Convention with Charlot Jacquelin Junior and Pascal Adrien.


On May 28, 2014 ATF was sworn in as President of Young Progressives; the youth branch of the Rally of Progressive National Democrats (RDNP); Political Party with a Social-Christian tendency founded by Leslie Manigat in 1979.


ATF founds the Nòdwès Repiblik Movement.

On December 26 at the first “Intergenerational Leaders Evening” organized by the IJC, ATF receives the plaque of Honor and Merit as a leader of the new generation for his contribution to the participation of young people in politics.
ATF is elected President of the Civil Society.

Platform on Climate Change.


ATF does the Coady International Institute.

ATF created the National Children’s Parliament (PNE).

ATF is part of the 2nd promotion of PIFED at ENAP in Quebec.

ATF is deputy coordinator of the office of the President of the Chamber of Deputies.


ATF advocates for the Ratification of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. And the National Assembly ended up ratifying it more than 40 years after its adoption.

ATF is a father for the second time.

ATF tabled the draft bill on the integration of young people before the Haitian Parliament.


ATF Pleaded for the participation of young people in the development of the national reconstruction plan and organized an extraordinary session of the Youth Parliament of Haiti around the reconstruction of the country.


ATF becomes a father, his first child is born.

ATF submits to Parliament the draft bill relating to the involvement of schools in the protection and enhancement of the environment.

ATF negotiates a partnership with the Youth Parliament of Quebec (PJQ) in Quebec City.


ATF invested as the First Young-President of the Youth Government of Haiti (GJH) and launches its vision Haiti 2054.

ATF becomes the youngest advisor to the Senate Office as Advisor to the First Secretary, the Honorable Senator Eddy Bastien.

ATF marries Fabiana, his girlfriend since University.


ATF completes its training program in Political and Social Sciences (ISPOS).

ATF is Field-Officer for the International Red Cross (ICRC).

ATF co-founds with his girlfriend the Association of Volunteers for Democracy.


ATF returns to the Faculty of Ethnology (UEH) and becomes President of its class.

ATF co-founds with his friend André Guy Orel the National League of Haitian Students (LINEH) and fights against the high cost of living and for better conditions for students.


ATF passes the competition and enters the Higher Institute of Political and Social Training (ISPOS).


ATF obtains its baccalaureate.

ATF leaves its hometown to return to Port-au-Prince.

ATF becomes community animator, focal point for Haiti in UNICEF’s “Right To Know” program.


ATF founded AJAH (Young Haitian Analyst Association) to be involved in politics.


ATF obtains its Primary Study Certificate.

ATF enters secondary school at Notre Dame de Lourdes College (CNDL).


ATF went to the Saint-Joseph Brothers School in Port-de-Paix.


Birth, August 28, 1982. He bears the name of his maternal grandfather, Alexandre TELFORT.